How do nail polishes work for nail fungus?

Nail fungus is an extremely unpleasant disease, which is easy to catch: just go to the pool, go to the beach, or put on someone else's slippers. But getting rid of the disease is not easy - the spores of the fungus tend to affect not only the nail plates, but also penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and firmly fix there.

In an advanced case, the fungus passes into the chronic stage, and treatment is delayed for years. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the symptoms in a timely manner and start therapy with special preparations, including special varnishes for nail fungus.

Why are mushrooms dangerous?

What is the danger of nail fungus

Fungal infections enter the body through microcracks that appear on the skin for various reasons. For example, this can happen when a person walks barefoot on the beach or the floor, puts on someone else's shoes, does a pedicure with tools that are not their own. If pathogenic organisms manage to gain a foothold, they gradually penetrate all layers of the skin, increasing the territory.

The infection thrives extremely well in warm, humid conditions, making the toes an ideal place for the fungus to develop, especially if a person has excessive sweating. Self-treatment in this case is useless and will not bring success. The only way out - the use of medicinal ointments, creams, nail polishes.

The complexity of treating the disease also lies in the fact that there are more than five hundred types of fungi that can harm human health (and there are more than seventy thousand in total).Each species should be treated only with drugs specially designed for it, otherwise even the best medicine will be ineffective. Having found suspicious symptoms in yourself, before starting treatment, you should go to a dermatologist.

The fungus makes itself felt with the following symptoms:

  • peeling between the folds of the fingers, burning, itching, redness;
  • the appearance of suspicious spots on the skin;
  • the formation of bubbles is possible, which after a while burst, forming cracks and ulcers;
  • the nail begins to change its structure: it bends, wave-shaped formations appear on the nail surface, it becomes thicker or thinner, it begins to crumble;
  • white or yellowish spots appear on the nails, uncharacteristic of healthy nails.
nail fungus treatment spray

If you pay attention to the symptoms in time, notice problems with the skin on the legs, worsen the condition of the nail, and seek help in a timely manner, you can get rid of the disease in two months. Therapy usually involves ointments, creams, tablets. Recently, special preparations have appeared that are therapeutic nail polishes, the main purpose of which is to stop and destroy fungi that hit the nail plate.

How does mushroom varnish work?

Best of all, antifungal nail polish helps in the first stage of the development of the disease. The principle of operation is simple: after filing the top layer with a file and degreasing the plate with alcohol, apply the product to the nail, after which the therapeutic components that are part of it, due to the liquid structure, are they easily filter through the plaque layer and begin to destroy pathogens.

After the varnish dries, the air ceases to penetrate the spores of the fungus, for the development of which it is essential, which also blocks its vital activity. As a result, deprived of air and seriously affected by the medicinal components that make up the varnish, the fungi die.

Antifungal nail polish dries for about three to four minutes. After completing the procedure, you must not forget to carefully close the bottle and disinfect all the tools used to treat the nail and the skin around it.

If the type of fungus has been installed correctly and the appropriate remedy has been applied, then after a while it will be possible to get rid of pathogenic microorganisms. Another point worth paying attention to: the use of a varnish for effective treatment is not enough, since the spores of the fungus are also present on the skin around the nail.

foot skin care prevents the appearance of fungus

For the therapy to be successful, the treatment must be comprehensive: in addition to the varnish, it is also necessary to use complementary creams and tablets. For example, a well-known company produces not only a medicinal varnish against a fungus, but also ointments that help the body to cope with the disease.

Before choosing a remedy, you should carefully study the instructions and make sure that it is directed against the type of fungus that was found in the body (in principle, this should be done by a doctor, but it does not interfere with making sure on your own). It is also worth paying attention to the number of healing components and their concentration.

If the disease is at the end of the second, at the beginning of the third phase, the spores of the fungus will already be strong enough, and if a weaker remedy is used, they will begin to fight it, develop immunity and become more stable. . Therefore, in the treatment of the disease, it is necessary to choose stronger means.

Brands and their action.

Currently, there are a huge number of antifungal varnishes, and since each case is individual, opinions about their effectiveness are different, and often opposite. According to reviews, they help some people, not others. The second option is due to the fact that the nail plate was incorrectly prepared or a varnish was used that was not designed for the type of fungus that attacked the nails.

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Especially popular are antifungal varnishes with the active ingredient amorolfine. All of them have a wide spectrum of action and are designed to destroy the main types of pathogenic microorganisms. Which one is better to choose largely depends on the type of fungus that affected the nails, so they should be used only after analyzes determine the type of pathogens, and the instructions for the drug will indicate that medicinal nail polish does forehead.

French varnish against nail fungus is an expensive drug, the active substance of which is amorolfine, the principle of action of which is based on the destruction of the cell membrane of the fungus. It not only destroys the cells that have already appeared, but also prevents the spores from multiplying and spreading, capturing new territories. The duration of treatment with this drug, according to reviews, lasts from two months to two years, depending on the stage of fungal infection.

Another remedy is a preparation from our manufacturer with formic acid in the composition, which not only fights pathogens well, but can also be used as a prophylactic. The active substance of the drug is polyvinyl acetate, it contains Bacillus bacteria, due to which it has biochemical activity.

German varnish with the active ingredient ciclopiroxolamine, the active substance of which is ciclopiros, is considered effective. Opinions about this drug vary, from extremely negative to positive, many agree that varnishes containing amorolfine are better. Perhaps this is because, unlike previous application methods, the manufacturer allows applying the varnish without sawing the surface of the plate.

This is not the best application method as it is easier for the product to penetrate deep into the treated nail. In order for the varnish with ciclopiroxolamine to be more effective, it is better to file the surface of the nail.

How often you need to apply antifungal nail polishes largely depends on the disease and the treatment regimen prescribed by the doctor. Some funds recommend using once a day, others - twice a week, when there are signs of recovery on the face, the interval between procedures can be increased.

Whatever medication is chosen for treatment, do not forget about the importance of complex treatment and the need to follow the rules of hygiene. When applying varnish, do not forget that the nail affected by the fungus must be treated with a separate tool: it is undesirable to file healthy and diseased nails with a nail file or cut them with the same scissors.

Also, you should not lend your manicure tools to other people, or take tools from them to process your nails.It is worth paying attention to increasing immunity, taking vitamin-mineral complexes and observing proper nutrition.