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  • Angela
    I keep an active lifestyle to maintain your shape, three times a week I go to the swimming pool. Apparently, and this is what is infected by the fungus of the nails. Well, the house was effective cream antifungal keraderm. Just 2 weeks back I went back to swimming lessons.
  • Teresa
    Psoriasis is my problem since childhood. Nothing helped me, until I have not tried the cream Keraderm. Already after a month of use I bye with this disgusting disease and now I think of it as a nightmare.
  • Angelo
    Infected by the fungus at work, in the shared shower. The fungus smote the skin between the toes, it crack, to the blood. In the past it was cured. Therefore, he launched the disease so much, that he could not get out on the soles of the feet. The woman asked me the cream Keraderm. A week after the pain past, the cracks have healed. After a month he got rid of the fungi of the feet. Thanks for this whipped cream.
  • Francesco
    Cream soft and cuddly, nice. It is applied as a remedy moisturizers. No discomfort, does not cause: non-burning and does not dry out the skin. It helped Me to completely cure psoriasis in 2 months.
  • Carmela
    After a pregnancy, began to appear human papillomavirus in the neck. I know that skin diseases can not run, so I ordered the web site of the cream Keraderm. Already at 2 weeks of the application of papilloma almost completely disappeared. I hope that this cream will help me to completely get rid of the disease.
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