Instructions for use Keraderm

Cream Keraderm: instructions for use

The skin is a reliable protector of our body from the aggressive external environment. But, however, sometimes, our immune system cannot withstand the onslaught, and there is a great variety of diseases of the skin, which, at times, very difficult to treat.

Instructions for use of the cream Keraderm

Cream with keratolytic action against mold, mildew, warts, and psoriasis Keraderm - is the latest tool capable of in a short period of time, to handle the different skin infections and tumors. It comprehensively affects the epidermis, gently blocking know, malignant cells, without damaging healthy skin. Thanks to this, the first results become visible already in the first week of use, and in the step of all the course, occurs resistant to the immunity to skin infections, thanks to which the probability of relapse in italy is reduced to zero.

How it works the cream Keraderm?

The active substances in the composition of the drug have integrated the effect:

  • anti-inflammatory and disinfecting action in the affected area of the skin;
  • the anesthesia and the extraction of itching;
  • to promote the regeneration processes in the skin cells;
  • the strengthening of the immune system of the skin;
  • the blocking of the spread of the infection.

How to use the cream?

The entire treatment is 1 month. In this period, it is necessary two times a day, apply the cream on the skin: in the morning and before bedtime. It is important to start the treatment when the early skin manifestations of the infection so that the most effective and to avoid the possible consequences in the form of scars and scars. Therefore, a best practice is reliable to buy the cream for the treatment of diseases of the skin Keradermfor he was always in the medicine cabinet.


Cream Keraderm should be applied when signs of the following skin diseases:

  • all types of psoriasis;
  • the papilloma, and other neoplasms of the skin;
  • pityriasis and herpes zoster;
  • dermatitis;
  • the fungal infection;
  • cracks in the heels.


Given that the composition of the cream Keraderm includes only natural substances of natural origin, can be applied to almost all people, regardless of the degree and of the neglect of the disease. With care cream that is worth the try only small children up to 3 years, as well as pregnant women. In very rare cases may occur intolerance of an individual to any component of the preparation. In this case, you must suspend the use and consult with your doctor.