Experience in the use of Keraderm

Experience in the use of the cream Keraderm Jacques warsaw

I want to share my feelings in the course of the treatment of the diseases of the skin Keraderm.

Experience in the use of the cream Keraderm

How it all began??

It so happened, that the teen in the neck and back to me, began to appear papilloma. First I am a little paid attention to her. Yes, and my parents didn't gave them much importance, thinking that it is like the moon. There were only a few parts and a lot that does not upset, what to touch, when I showered or dressed.

The discomfort came with age, when the number of papillomas was made very grow. I don't know what influenced this: what was the most weak of immunity, or my work with constant accelerations and stressful situations affected. To meet the forty years in the neck and the back of the papilloma because he could be counted by tens. Began to itch, and out of the way. To be or careless touching of the skin can damage easily build-up, which resulted in very unpleasant feeling of pain, which lasted for several days. Especially painful were papilloma in the armpit. The skin is very thin and I and that has been broken, and because of the sweat are damaged growths very pinched and for a long time does not heal, the delivery very unpleasant.

The treatment of papillomas

But to go with this problem to a doctor, I ventured out only after papilloma began to appear on my face. A little bit of what is disgusting, and shaving has become for me a diary of the test: to be afraid of touching the growths, and every time with all your touches. After a full day of vinyl himself for it.

In the hospital, I first pointed pharmaceutical ointment of the papillomas. I have a good faith passed courses of treatment, but the effect was not. In desperation they even agreed on the removal of the warts surgically. The result: nearly a week in the hospital, bandages, painkillers, another month was carried out. But already in the third month after the operation began to appear again. And it was much more. The second time you go under the knife I did not, she decided to seek other avenues of release.

My familiarity with cream Keraderm

Experience in the application of the cream Keraderm

In search of the medicines I found on the internet, in drug therapy Keradermcream with keratolytic action against mold, mildew, warts, and psoriasis. Because the drug Keraderm natural and damage that you will not bring, I decided to try. The price on the official website was very low, so I was not in danger.

The shipment arrived very quickly, in less than a week. On the way to use, read the instructions: just smear the affected skin in the morning and at night. This turned out to be very easy - simply Mazal the cream on the skin after the shower. The smell of the drug is very pleasant, so no problems can be applied before you go to work.

The result, I started to notice already after a week of use. Papilloma significantly less, have stopped the itching, has passed inflammation of the skin. Honestly, I was not expecting this result of the cream. Through the 3 weeks, instead of hanging growths I have only small hills in the skin, which I don't, not to disturb it. But I have good faith to pass the entire course until the end, because in the instructions it says to take the medicine Keraderm you need at least a month.

After a month of papilloma have disappeared completely. And here already 4 months, I am very much alive without them and very happy of this. Although the new growth and do not appear to want to repeat the course again within six months, after receipt, for the purpose of assessing and strengthening the immunity of the skin. I do not think that this material can come back to me again.